A Great Combo - Sterling Heights Nature Center and WBU Macomb!

We have partnered with the Sterling Heights Nature Center as part of our mission to bring people and nature together. WBU Macomb has donated a complete feeder pole setup (Advanced Pole System) and several feeders filled with the freshest bird food in town. The setup was installed just outside the large viewing windows of the nature center so you'll have a front row seat to observe the bird activity at the feeders. We'll continue to donate fresh seed each month and switch out the feeders as the seasons change.

Visit the Sterling Heights Nature Center and let us know what birds you're seeing!

Sterling Heights Nature Center 

42700 Utica Rd. between Van Dyke and 18 Mile Rd.

This Blue Jay is in the process of molting and has lost all the feathers on his head. They'll soon grow back but for a short while, he looks bald.