Macomb, Michigan

Nature Happenings

• Project FeederWatch ends this month,
• Early April migrants include the Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Towhee, Fox Sparrow, Snipe and Tree Swallow.
• Late April migrants include the Brown Thrasher, Pine Warbler, Palm Warbler, American Bittern, Chimney Swift, Chipping Sparrow, Barn Swallow and Caspian Tern.
• Great Horned Owls have their young.
• Hummingbirds and orioles arrive late April/early May. Be sure to have their feeders ready.
• The Common Loon finishes its northward migration by the end of April. Some late migrants arrive in May.
• Purple Martins (scouts) begin to arrive in mid-April.
• Purple Martins return by middle of the month. Be sure to have their houses ready.
• Cardinals begin nesting.
• White-throated Sparrows begin calling.
• Woodcocks continue their "sky dance" courtship flights.
• Bluebirds are nesting by end of the month. Be sure to have their houses ready.
• Lyrids meteor shower, late-April.
• Earth Day, April 22.

Brown Thrasher