Macomb, Michigan

Nature Happenings

• Early Aug: Annual Butterfly Count at Point Pelee National Park
• Wild Turkeys can be seen with their young.
• Purple Martins and other swallows begin congregating at staging grounds before heading south.
• Purple Martin southward migration is completed by end of month.
• Orioles are gone by the end of the month.
• Male Little and Big Brown Bats start to spend part of the night in winter hibernation sites in early August.
• Eastern Monarch Butterflies lay last eggs of the season.
• Ruby-throated Hummingbirds migrate through Southern Ontario through mid-August.
• Flocks of nighthawks can be seen late in the month.
• Shorebird migration builds and waterfowl migration starts.
• Early warblers (Cape May, Tennessee, Magnolia, Blackburnian) migrate through the area.
• Broad-winged Hawk migration starts.
• American Goldfinches finish nesting late this month.
• Hummingbird migration peaks late in the month.
• Perseids Meteor shower is mid-month.