Macomb, Michigan

We love to take pictures and videos of our backyard birds and share them with you!

We personally use the products and bird food we sell. Our birds love them and so will you! Here are some videos of our birds enjoying life in our backyard.

 Bluejays Enjoying a Heated Birdbath

 Red-bellied Woodpecker Defending his Position on Peanut Wreath

 Training Bluebirds

 Baltimore Oriole eating Jelly

 Bluebird eating mealworms

 Bluejay on Peanut Wreath


Male and Female Brown-headed Cowbirds 

Downy Woodpecker compared to a Hairy Woodpecker 

Goldfinches and Pine Siskens 

Bluejay gathering peanuts in his crop 

Black-capped Chickadee on mealworm feeder 

Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles